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Sri Krishna Dhārana

Five-day sadhana retreat designed to help participants with basics of worshipping Sri Krishna and reflect on His Divine tattva.

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4-8 January 2023

In-person at Sanatan Siddhashram
in Birbhum District, near Shantiniketan
(West Bengal, India)


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Sadhaks facilitating the sadhana retreat

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Rajarshi Nandy

is an sadhaka whose path is associated with tantric upasana of The Divine Mother. He is also a author and columnist on several topics related to Indian religious and spiritual thought.

He has helped co-author a paper exploring the links between Tantra and Modern Neuroscience which was published in Neurology India.

He manages a popular Facebook page on Hindu spirituality named Adhyatmikta.

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Parvathy Baul

Parvathy Baul is a practitioner, performer and teacher of the Baul tradition from Bengal, India. She is also an instrumentalist, storyteller and painter.

Parvathy’s performance work emerges from a long lineage of master Baul singers, dancers, and spiritual teachers.

She studied closely with two of the most respected Baul singer-gurus of the previous generation, Sri Sanatan Das Thakur Baul and Sri Shashanko Goshai.


She was recognized by her gurus as both a musical and spiritual teacher in the Baul tradition, carrying forward their spiritual legacy. 

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Ramachandra Roddam

is an Sadhaka of the Divine Mother. He is an invited faculty who teaches on Indian Spirituality, Yoga and Sadhana.

He is the author of the book Devi Bhakti Tarangini, which is a devotional offering of English poems to the Supreme Goddess.

Currently he is rendering Seva at Sanatan Siddhashram, a traditional Gurukul for the ancient Baul tradition located in Birbhum district, West Bengal.

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