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Celebration of Shri Sanatan Das Baul

Updated: Jan 29

Janma thithi mahotsav on 26th January was celebrated with great fervor at Sanatan Siddhashram, Birbhum.

The morning commenced with an eight hours long incessant Hari naam sankirtan. This was later followed by the very important Baul ritual 'Bhog aroti ', where Baul masters of nine generations are offered sacred Bhog.

The whole ritual is filled with songs inviting each master take their seat and make sacred offerings, thus establishing the primacy of Guru yoga in the Baul tradition.

This ritual was lead by Maa Parvathy Baul, Shyam Sundar Das Baul, Lakshman das Baul, Madan Das Bairagyo, Damodar Goshai and other Baul sadhaks and devotees.

Later in the evening, all night singing of Baul mahajanerpad commenced at 6:30 pm with Sandhya aroti, and beautiful renditions of Baul songs were offered all night until 4:30 am. It was Maa Parvathy Baul's sankalpa to hold this all night.

The evening singing commenced with beautiful renditions to the divine Mother by Kanai das Baul. Ananda Das Baul shared mellifluous songs about Guru tattva.

Madan Das Bairagyo presented some very rare old gems of poetry that unfurl the yogic message of the Baul path.

Mahanando Goshai gifted to attentive listeners songs that contemplate on Baul sadhana.

A spontaneous heartfelt offering was made through poetry of Nando Baba, he would usually not sing in satsangs. But he fondly shared how he is inspired in this setup which reminds him of yester years of unsullied Baul gatherings.

Many young Bauls shared the space with older masters.

Maa Parvathy Baul completed the circle of offering at early morning 4.30 am by singing to Sri Krishna.

A mystical night thus ascended into sublime realms of Baul singing, bringing back the old glory and recasting it in a new mould. Her vision was to create a sacred moment of Baul singing that is purely held in the magical space that manifests between a sadhak and the seeker of the Baul message.

Here we share beautiful glimpses of the day.

Joy Guru

Guru kripa hi kevalam


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