Woodcut Prints & Paintings by Parvathy Baul
Art Auction

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21st August 2021

New York: 8:30 am

Paris: 2:30 pm

Delhi: 6:00 pm

Tokyo: 9:30 pm

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About Parvathy Baul

Parvathy Baul is a practitioner, performer and teacher of the Baul tradition from Bengal, India. She is also an instrumentalist, storyteller and painter.


She has performed in over forty countries, including such prestigious concert halls and music festivals as the Noh Theater in Kyoto, the World Music Center in New York City, Melbourne Arts Center and the Festival of World Sacred Music in Fez, Morocco.

The depth of her mesmerising performance is rooted in her deep spiritual practice. Indeed, Parvathy Baul’s performance work emerges from a long lineage of master Baul singers, dancers, and spiritual teachers.


She studied closely with two of the most respected Baul singer-gurus of the previous generation, Sri Sanatan Das Thakur Baul and Sri Shashanko Goshai.


She was recognized by her gurus as both a musical and spiritual teacher in the Baul tradition, carrying forward their spiritual legacy. She is a tireless advocate for both preservation and renewal of the Baul tradition.

Whatever form her artistic expression takes, it always has been inspired by Parvathy Baul’s inner practice, experience, and the knowledge she has received from her gurus. Fruit of the sadhana, all the works of art have been born in the process of meditation and contemplation.

The forms - be it in the body movement, music, or visual arts - are profoundly spiritual in their nature and constitution and are, for the artist herself, an act of prayer.

Parvathy Baul and her Guru Shri Sanatan Das Baul

Parvathy Baul performing "Maa Tara" in front of her own artwork

Visual Art & Inner Practise

As a visual artist, Parvathy Baul integrated her visual art work with the inner practice. She was inspired by the traditional art practices of India and the world, which are reflected in her art work. She engages now in creating art which helps seekers to mediate, contemplate, and touch the wisdom of the ancient Baul tradition.


The final result transcends the usual visual representations of the Sacred and joins, in a masterful confluence, various traditions and schools.


The paintings and the woodcuts are not mere repetition of the old styles. Throughout the years, various innovative ways of depicting well known subjects emerged from the intimate space of inner silence. 

At the same time, taking roots in the transmission from the Baul sampradaya, they hold the power that can be born only from the mastery of the traditional ways.


Parvathy Baul has created a new art form that is truly unique to the Baul tradition and which has its own "shakti" in its form.



Kantha style framing:

Parvathy Baul keeps her paintings in an unconventional way by stitching the sides with pieces of hand weaved cotton and silk with the Bengali traditional kantha embroidery made by local artisans and reminiscent of a Baul “hal”.

The patchwork hal has a deep symbolic and spiritual meaning. This attire is worn by Baul and Fakir masters; it is a symbol of Vaishnav, Dervesh and Fakir communities seen as transcendence of all man made boundaries - social or religious - through use of scraps of cloth from all casts and faiths collected as alms during the practice of Madhukori.

Parvathy Baul draws from a rich repertoire of symbolic figures, animals, persons that, as in the Baul poetry, whisper to us, in a twilight language, ancient wisdoms.

One shall meditate upon these images for a long time, before they reveal all of their beauty and secrets to the seeker.

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Auction: supported by
Pundole's & Datri Foundation

The auction will take place on the 21st August 2021, 6pm India Standard Time on Zoom, beginning with a short performance by Parvathy Baul.

Anyone interested in attending must register in advance. After registration, you will receive a catalogue to view online with descriptions and estimates for each piece.

The art auction is an initiative to raise support for the Baul Gurukul, Sanatan Siddhashram. Parvathy Baul founded this lush and fertile center 2017. It is located in the countryside of Birbhum district near Santiniketan, West Bengal, India. 


We pray that with the help of this event, we can contribute to the growth of this project. The Baul Gurukul will both preserve the ancient Baul tradition for the future, and also will help society by giving an example of a life fully centered on spiritual practice. Acts of selfless service to humanity and the Earth naturally spring from such a spiritual focused life.

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The event is supported by the Datri Foundation which was born out of the creator’s passion for India’s rich heritage, culture, and traditional knowledge systems. Their endeavour is to conserve, revive, and disseminate knowledge about the invaluable cultural wealth of India.

The auction is also suppored by Pundole's, which is a privately owned Mumbai based auction house founded in 2011. Pundole’s is recognised both locally and internationally as one of the leading auction houses specializing in Indian Art.