New Releases

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Amulyo Nidhi

Amulyo Nidhi is a collection of Mahajan Padavali (songs written by Baul masters) which came as the fruit of meetings between Parvathy Baul and Aklima Fakirani.

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New Woodcut Releases

As part of her "Beings Beyond Time" Collection, Parvathy Baul is releasing two new woodcuts:

"Lalon Fakir" and "Mayi Amma"


Limited Edition:
Custom Painted Ektaras

Limited edition Art Ektaras,

hand-painted and signed by Parvathy Baul.

Comes in a custom-fitted handmade Ektara case

Upcoming Events

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Baul Gyan Darpan
Retreat 2022

A 7-day immersive retreat that offers the opportunity for participants to spend time with Baul Masters and soak in their music, wisdom and experience.

You can join us physically at Sanatan Siddhashram (near Shantiniketan in West Bengal, India)

or join us online from your own home.


Ruhaniyat -
Seeking the Divine

​Ruhaniyat is a musical gathering of Sufi and mystic music. Parvathy Baul has been involved with the mystical graceful journey of Ruhaniyat and Banyan tree for the last 20 years.

3rd December - Delhi 

12th December - Bangalore

19th December - Hyderabad

Upcoming Event

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Parvathy Baul,
Kanai Das Baul & Lakshman Das Baul

EST (19th Nov) 4 - 6 pm
CET (19th Nov) 10 pm - midnight
IST (20th Nov) 2:30 - 4:30 am

In collaboration with our partner SACSA
(Society for Arts and Culture of South Asia)