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The Golden Child


“I believe that opening up this space in the children

and making them feel that they can

also have the opportunity of learning

and growing spiritually inside - that will help the society.

I trust it.”

- Parvathy Baul

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Subarna Balya Hriday

is an initiative of an educational program for children from the village communities

by Sanatan Siddhashram, Ekathara Kalari Trust.

We started this nourishing school for children back in 2018. We started with 20 children from local village communities and now the number has increased to 40.

We regularly hold yoga, crafts design, art, music and nature awareness camps

for village community children

to spread awareness of the Baul tradition and its practice.

We hold a vision to create a dedicated space for this Gurukula at Sanatan Siddhashram and make these teachings available to more children.

We dream to create a permanent and dedicated space in the premises of Sanatan Siddhashram

to create this unique Gurukul (learning school)

of creativity and awareness

to the child's inner world,


rendering it full of imagination

and with practical possibilities.


This school is open to children from all walks of life,

and especially to those who cannot afford this kind of education.

1. You can donate


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Meals for Children

(ex. 2,000 rupees / $25 USD)


Children's Dress & Art Material

(ex. 4,000 rupees / $50 USD)


Creating an Infrastructure


(You can donate any amount below)


2. You can share your expertise
with the children

by dedicating some of your time

as an instructor / teacher.

Use our contact form to send us a message (click here)

We welcome your contribution!


From India

via UPI: ram.roddam@okhdfc

After donation from India, please send a screenshot to

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For enquiries to organize concerts / engagements, please contact -

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