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Parvathy Baul Art Exhibition

Parvathy Baul has always pursued art as integral part of her inner practice.


All her works reflect this aspect of inner freedom embodied in traditional forms.

The art and paintings are serving as a continuous meditation and contemplation on the Divine.

As part of this exhibition, we invite you to incorporate what speaks to you and allow it to deepen your meditation, practice and connection with the Divine. 


Her Journey as Visual Artist

After taking up the path as the practitioner of ancient Baul path, Parvathy Baul integrated her visual art work with her inner practice. She was inspired by the traditional art practices of India and the world, which are duly reflected in her art work.


She works now to create art which helps seekers to mediate, contemplate and touch the wisdom of the ancient Baul tradition.  


In her earlier years of Baul sadhana, Parvathy Maa has created many images of daily life of Baul surrounding communities as well as images drawn from Baul stories and poetry. Painting has always remained one of the several ways to absorb the knowledge she had received from her Gurus. 


The visual art had appealed to her during her childhood. She had been studying art at Vishvabharati University in Shantiniketan during her teenage years before she took the Baul path and chose to immerse fully in it.

From her early sketches and small A4 size acrylic paintings, Parvathy Maa's modes of expression evolved, including later woodcut printing, big storytelling paintings called Chitrakatha Geethi, mural paintings and ink drawings and watercolours both in traditional and contemporary style and more recently contemplative images of Deities on canvas.

Just like many other spiritual  traditions, Buddhism or Tantra, have their own inner processes related to art, Parvathy Baul’s art practice is mainly focused on creating a contemplative art form unique for the Baul tradition. 

Mural of Ashtanayika in an 8th century monastery (now TAD Residency), Bergamo, Italy.jpeg

Her works are not merely depicting stories or historical events. In spite of their iconographic value, they, in the image of the Baul poetry, transcend the visible form in order to bring the spectator towards his own inner vision.

They are a contemplative visual representation which has its own "shakti" in its form.

“As a practitioner of Baul tradition, I was deeply moved by the metaphors, stories and history of the Baul oral tradition.

Baul tradition was not written down, as it is a process of “transmission” from Master to disciple, so there hasn’t been any efforts to create images.

But as a practitioner, I felt the need to create the images because images have power and the right energy, which could create a bridge between cultures and visualization of the Baul poetry.”

– Parvathy Baul

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Woodcut Collection


Paintings Collection

International Exhibitions

2020 Tantra: enlightenment to revolution, British Museum, London, UK, participation 


2019 Parvathy Baul artworks,  In Cahoots Residency, Petaluma, California, USA, solo exhibition


2018 Parvathy Baul Woodcuts Exhibition Deep Dan Art gallery, Tokyo, Japan, solo exhibition


2018 Shakti in Seeing, Rabindrateertha Kolkata, India, Tantidhatri International Festival of Women Performing artists, solo exhibition 


2017 Parvathy Baul, Avondale Odd Fellows Studios, Birmingham, USA, solo exhibition


2017 Parvathy Baul and Ravi Gopalan Nair: Gravures & Miniatures, La Galerie de l’Excellence, La Roche Posay, France, solo exhibition


2016 Parvathy Baul, Storyteller's art, Fortael Galleriet, Transit festival Holstebro, Denmark,  solo exhibition


2016 Chitrakathageethi, Ramgashankara, Bangalore, Tantidhatri International Festival of Women Performing artists, solo exhibition


2013 Chitrakatha Geethi, Bengal Art Gallery, Kolkata, India, solo exhibition


2012 La saveur des arts, De l'Inde moghole à Bollywood, MEG Ethnography Museum, Geneva, Switzerland


2012 Parvathy Baul: Paintings, Aurodhan Art Gallery,  Pondicherry, India, Tantidhatri International Festival of Women Performing artists, solo exhibition


2011 Hommage au Sublime, Suvita Art, Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris, France, group exhibition


2007 Parvathy Baul, Woodprints, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, participation 


2005 Les feux de la Déesse, mythes et rituels du Kerala; MEG Ethnography Museum, Geneva, Switzerland, participation


2003 The adventures of Hamza, Rietberg Museum, Zurich, participation in a big exhibition with the original works of Hamzanama


2000 Paintings from the Baul world, Alliance Française, Trivandrum, India, solo exhibition

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Museum Collections

2020 British Museum, London, UK, Bama Khepa,woodcut print


2011 six paintings from Radha Krishna Lila, Roop Anurag series : Pūrvarāga, Rūpānurāga, Abhisāra, Kalahāntaritā, Mathurā-kathā, Rasa-līlā-kathā, MEG Ethnography Museum, Geneva, Switzerland


2007 The Rain Bird and Women Baul Gathering, woodcut prints, Tropen Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Tantra: enlightenment to revolution, RAMOS Imma, 2020. Exhibition Catalogue, British Museum, London, Thames & Hudson.


Chitra Katha, Parvathy Baul, Sundar Ramanathaiyer, 2013. Exhibition Catalogue, Bengal Art Gallery, Kolkata, Aims Art Initiative.

La saveur des arts, De l'Inde moghole à Bollywood, AUBERT, Laurent (dir.). 2011. Exhibition Catalogue, Gollion: Infolio éditions / Genève: Musée d'ethnographie.

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