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“Make your life into a contemplation, into a meditation.

Everything Bauls do - everything they are doing is in contemplation of the Divine.

Every action, what they wear, even their attire,

is to remind them, to keep them in that mood of contemplation.

Even the accessories around them are things that relate to sadhana…”

-Parvathy Baul

The offerings in this shop have been created from contemplation on the Divine

and for contemplation on the Divine.


Your purchase will feed back into this continuous meditation

by providing the material element

that will nourish the deep inner work of Baul Masters

and this work's outer manifestation

in the shape of Sanatan Siddhashram.

May these Baul Nirmalya serve to deepen your contemplation on the Divine,

and may your contribution serve for the true wisdom to be lived and spread!


(Limited edition)
Ektara with Sacred Art,
Hand-Painted & Signed by Parvathy Baul

Each Ektara comes in a handmade, custom-fitted Ektara Case.

Also available as Baul set with hand-knotted Ghungur and Khartal.


Only 2 divine art Ektaras left.

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