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Limited Edition:
Ektara with sacred art
by Parvathy Baul

These Ektaras are original artworks, hand-painted and signed by Parvathy Baul.

$390 USD sacred art Ektara

$441 USD as a set with Ghunguru and Khartal

(In case we ship the Ektaras: please note that considerable shipping costs of around $160 would occur on top of this for shipping from India to Europe / United States)

Also available as Set with painted Ektara, Ektara case, hand-knotted Ghungur and Khartal.



All Art Ektaras dislpayed in these images have now found their new owners.

Tumi Chile Ektara

Tumi chile ektara hole ektara 

Chilo naam zohura asmaan opor,

Tomar smoron nile duniya jai go bhule

Ebe ki koushole shadhibo tomay


১.তুমি ছিলে একতারা

হলে একতারা 

ছিলো নাম জহুরা আসমান ওপর।

তোমার স্মরণ লইলে 

দুনিয়া যায় গো ভুলে

এবে কি কৌশলে সাধিব তোমায়।।

Journey of the Ektaras

As soon as the idea of the hand-painted Ektaras took form, Parvathy Maa and her assistant set out for Shantineketan to visit Torun Da, a trusted and beloved instrument maker.  Choosing ten ektaras that fit in both Parvathy Maa’s small hands, and in the sevak’s larger ones, they carefully selected instruments that could be universally received.


Once the instruments arrived at the ashram, Parvathy Maa absorbed herself into awakening ten divine deities with her painting.

The designs, arising from the depth of her practice and inspired by the wisdom of the Baul songs, anchor an exquisite and utterly unique presence in each instrument.  


But how to bring these deities safely into the houses of people around the world?


Two and a half hours on the passenger seat down a strenuous winding village road, Parvathy Maa and ten hand painted Ektaras emerged in the village of Bardhaman. There, a skilled musician and craftsman began casting cases to match each individual Ektara perfectly.

Such cases have never been seen before and insure that every instrument can travel safely over the oceans and beyond with their precious cargo.


Now that the Ektaras have returned to the ashram with their new cases, they are ready to journey to you, whose heart has already begun sounding with the divine resonance.

Knowing each instrument intimately, Maa will hand choose your instrument to match this inner vibration. Trust the mystery as your Ektara comes home to you.


For a Baul, the Ektara is considered an embodied goddess.

It is our prayer that She wakes up in your hands,

and that as you play Her one string, She plays yours until you resonate with the cosmos.

Joy guru. Joy guru. Joy guru.

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