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Mayi Amma

Mayi Amma

© Parvathy Baul & Ravi Gopalan Nair


Mayi Amma was a mystic saint referred to as Siddha in Southern India.

She spent most of her time in Kanyakumari, in the southern tip of Indian Subcontinent.

In the later years she lived in Salem, Tamil Nadu. 


There are many miraculous stories connected to her.

People often spotted her floating on the ocean water.

She used to enter sea waters and return only after several months.

While on the shore, she was always accompanied by dogs. They were her fond followers.

Her facial features resembled as if she belonged to North-Eastern part of the country.

Many believed that she possibly came down south from Tibet.

Some also believe that she lived for over five hundred years.


One cannot establish these beliefs as facts but nevertheless it was indeed true that she was a great spiritual master and she drew many great beings towards her.

She finally took Samadhi in 1984.


On another occasion a great spiritual master Mata Amritananda Mayi visited Mayi Amma.

It was that sacred moment which inspired this woodcut.


Here one can see Mayi Amma is seated in the lap of Mata Amritananda Mayi, who in turn is seated in the womb of Svarupa, i.e. the real form of Mayi Amma.

Dog disciples (special beings) are surrounding them.


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