Parvathy Baul is a practitioner, performer and teacher of the Baul tradition from Bengal, India. She is also an instrumentalist, storyteller and painter.


Parvathy’s performance work emerges from a long lineage of master Baul singers, dancers, and spiritual teachers.


She studied closely with two of the most respected Baul singer-gurus of the previous generation, Sri Sanatan Das Thakur Baul and Sri Shashanko Goshai.


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Upcoming Events

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Baul Gyan Darpan
Retreat 2022

A 7-day immersive retreat that offers the opportunity for participants to spend time with Baul Masters and soak in their music, wisdom and experience.

You can join us physically at Sanatan Siddhashram (near Shantiniketan in West Bengal, India)

or join us online from your own home.


Ruhaniyat -
Seeking the Divine

​Ruhaniyat is a musical gathering of Sufi and mystic music. Parvathy Baul has been involved with the mystical graceful journey of Ruhaniyat and Banyan tree for the last 20 years.


12th December - Bangalore

19th December - Hyderabad


Online Akhara - Learning Center

The Learning Center is the core of the Online Akhara.


Here you can engage more deeply with Baul wisdom through Parvathy Maa and other Baul Masters.


It serves to give the tradition a greater opportunity to share Baul wisdom throughout the modern world.

"Baul is Nirvana Nātaka - the theatre of ultimate liberation.

It incorporates everything. The singing, the dancing, the storytelling - everything together. It enhances your inner seeking and inner contemplation 

Baul is basically a tool in your hand to use your body, mind and voice for the worship of the Divine, to meditate on the Divine."

- Parvathy Baul


Parvathy Maa created Sanatan Siddhashram as the embodiment of the vision of her Guruji Shri Sanatan Das Baul.


It is a space for sadhana (inner practise), for transmitting the Baul wisdom, for preserving the ancient tradition and bridging it into the modern context for the centuries to come.


Parvathy Baul Art & Paintings

Parvathy Baul's art and paintings have been showcased in museums and exhibits all over the world. Whether it is through her music, storytelling, song or art, Parvathy Baul is serving her Guru Ji and continuing the meditation and contemplation on the divine. 


"As a practitioner, I felt the need to create the images because images have power and the right energy, which could create a bridge between cultures and a visualisation of the Baul poetry.” – Parvathy Baul

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Baul Nirmalya

Hand-painted Art Ektaras,

Albums, Clothing, and more.

The proceeds will help fulfill the vision of Parvathy Maa's Guru through the projects of Sanatan Siddhashram.


Music & Books

“These songs are maha mantras. They have the seed of dhyana in them. They themselves can do everything with you. 

It's a healing, meditation, wisdom, opening the heart."

(Parvathy Baul)

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Shri Sanatan Das Baul

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Shri Sanatan Das Baul

Shri Shashanko Goshai

Shri Sanatan Das Baul
with Shri Shri Khepa Manohar Thakor

 Shri Nithai Khepa

 Center: Shri Mahaguru Thangal
Right: Shri Ravi Gopalan Nair

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