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Sānidhyam 1

2 - 8 December 2022


Sānidhyam retreats with Parvathy Maa
at Sanatan Siddhashram

Sānidhyam 1:
2 - 8 December 2022
at Sanatan Siddhashram

Sānidhyam is a retreat where you will be in close connection to Parvathy Maa. All elements will be guided by her.

You can participate in either one or both of the Sānidhyam retreats.

You will learn how to maintain Nithya Anushtana - daily practice.

You will be staying and practicing with Parvathy Maa to bring back your daily sadhana.


This retreat is suitable especially if you are suffering from irregularity in your practice; it will encourage you to return to it and maintain it.

Together with Parvathy Maa, there will be yoga, meditation, singing and dancing. We will also have satsangs with Parvathy Maa where you can ask questions directly.


You get to be in the ashram with her to have a supportive environment for practice. 

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Sānidhyam 2

20 - 24 January 2023


Sānidhyam 2:

20 - 24 January 2023

You can join both Sānidhyam retreats,

or participate in either Sānidhyam 1 or in Sānidhyam 2. 

For more info about the retreat, see description above (Sānidhyam 1)


Ishta Dhyāna

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Sri Krishna Dhārana

4 - 8 January 2023
at Sanatan Siddhashram

Ishta Dhyāna is an immersive sadhana initiative, where participants will be guided to learn certain basic steps of worshipping one's Ishta Devata, i.e the deity with whom one intends to build a deeper connection.


As part of this initiative we will be holding a five day immersive sadhana retreat titled Sri Krishna Dhārana, wherein through the means of mantra japa, sankirtan (songs in praise of Sri Krishna) and reflective conversations, we enable meditation of the participants on Sri Krishna tattva. 


This will be lead by Parvathy Baul, Rajarshi Nandy and Ramachandra Roddam at Sanatan Siddhashram.

Gopi Bhāv Darpan

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Women Baul Master Weekend Immersion


28 - 29 January 2023
at Sanatan Siddhashram & online

In this retreat we have opportunity to immerse ourselves in the wisdom of women Baul Sadhikas (practitioners). 

For centuries, women Sadhikas have been holding and nurturing the tradition. Yet, we often don't hear their voices.

As Parvathy Mā has shared, "I have heard my Guru Shri Sanatan Das Baul saying that though he was initiated by Sri Badalchand Goshai, it actually was Badalchand Goshai's Gurubon (Guru sister), Sri Bishakha Dashi, teaching Sanatan Baba all the practical lessons about Sadhana."

Baul women masters are often addressed as Mā / Guru Mā / Goshai Mā / Sadhonsongini / Sebadashi. They are great examples of devotion, unconditional love and acceptance.


Let us sit at their feet humbly and absorb their wisdom with great attention in Gopi Bhāv Darpan held at Sanatan Siddhashram.


Baul Gyān Darpan


24 February - 2 March 2023
at Sanatan Siddhashram & online

Baul Gyān Darpan 2023 is a 7-day retreat that offers the opportunity for participants to learn songs from Baul Masters and soak in their music, wisdom and experience.

It is a fully immersive retreat, with full-time sessions with Parvathy Maa and the other Baul Masters each day.

You will learn songs and their meaning, practice dance and movement, and other guided practices. There will also be satsang each evening.

Ishta Dhyāna

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Mā Durga Dhārana


10 - 14 March 2023
at Sanatan Siddhashram

Ishta Dhyāna is an immersive sadhana initiative, where participants will be guided to learn certain basic steps of worshipping one's Ishta Devata, i.e the deity with whom one intends to build a deeper connection.

Mā Durga Dhārana enables the participant to undertake basic sadhana of Mā Durga under the guidance of senior sadhaks. Though Dhārana is very practice oriented, it will allow ample scope for interaction with the senior sadhaks to understand various nuances of Sadhana.

Details of Sadhaks facilitating Sadhana: 

Sri Rajarshi Nandy

is an sadhaka whose path is associated with tantric upasana of The Divine Mother. He is also a author and columnist on several topics related to Indian religious and spiritual thought.

He has helped co-author a paper exploring the links between Tantra and Modern Neuroscience which was published in Neurology India.

He manages a popular Facebook page on Hindu spirituality named Adhyatmikta.

Sri Ramachandra Roddam

is an Sadhaka of the Divine Mother. He is an invited faculty who teaches on Indian Spirituality, Yoga and Sadhana.

He is the author of the book Devi Bhakti Tarangini, which is a devotional offering of English poems to the Supreme Goddess.

Currently he is rendering Seva at Sanatan Siddhashram, a traditional Gurukul for the ancient Baul tradition located in Birbhum district, West Bengal.


Bhāv Triveni

16. - 19. March 2023
at Sanatan Siddhashram & online

We will be immersing in the three different Bhakti traditions which invoke deep unconditional love for the Divine:

Baul (Bengal), Vaishnava Padavali (Bengal) and Abhang (Maharashtra)


All these traditions have something in common: in addition to Nama Sankirtana, they allow us to immerse ourselves through poetry, music and storytelling. What is most fascinating is the moment in each tradition, when the worship becomes a wave of movement of sound, breath and body. Here - one arrives at the true meaning of "Bhakti".

We will travel deep into these traditions through listening and learning. We will give ourselves another tool to experience total true surrender within, only to find our inner freedom. 



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USA - East Coast 
Concerts & Art Events

New York / New Jersey

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Suppored by SACSA (Society for Arts and Cultures of South Asia)
SACSA is a zero-overhead 501(c)3 organization. All proceeds benefit Parvathy Baul's work in India


New York

14-16 October 2022, NYC



The Fire of Bhakti Retreat

Venue: Yogamaya

Chelsea, NYC

The Fire of Bhakti Retreat will delve into the path of Devotion and explore the qualities of being that we must cultivate to have a dynamic relationship with the Divine.

Tickets & info:

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21. October 2022, NYC




Venue: Broome Street Ganesha Temple

430 Broome St

New York, NY 10013

Donations encouraged

23. October 2022, NYC


Venue: Pioneer Works

159 Pioneer St

Brookly, NYC

Ragas Live Festival will present 24 continuous hours of transcendent, spiritual music at the Pioneer Works main stage.

Tickets & info:


New Jersey

18. October 2022, Neptune Shiva Temple


12:00 - 17:00


19. October 2022, Asbury Park



Venue: Trinity Church

503 Asbury Ave

Asbury Park, NJ

Tickets @ the door


20. October 2022, Asbury Park



Venue: Asbury Park

625 Cookman Ave 34d Fl.

Asbury Park, NJ

Donations encouraged


Concerts & Workshops

Portugal / France / Belgium


2. October 2022, Évora (Portugal)

PERFORMANCE at Festival Imaterial


Venue: Teatro Garcia de Resende


Festival Imaterial seeks to encourage reflection on and dissemination of the heritage of peoples from all over the world, spreading their visions of life and contributing to a fuller and more harmonious understanding between all:

Listening, respecting and recognising each other.

A festival that gives life to the expression 'thought and lived heritage'.

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26. - 27. October 2022, Paris (France)


Wednesday & Thursday 18:00 - 21:00

Immersive experience of workshop & satsang, introduction to basics of Baul singing and movement.

Click here & fill in the form to receive more info via email soon (we will email you from

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29. October 2022, Brussels (Belgium)

JOINT CONCERT: Ritual Music and Dance of the Sufi  


Venue: Henry Le Boeuf Hall

Rue Ravenstein 23

1000 Brussels

This evening honours two traditions, that of the Bauls of Bengal and Bangladesh and the ceremony of the Sema embodied by the dervishes of the Mevlevi Order of Konya in Turkey.

Tickets & info:

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