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Gopi Bhav Darpan
3-day retreat with Parvathy Baul
and other female Baul Masters & practitioners

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(retreat happening at Sanatan Siddhashram)

8th - 10th October 2023

Full time retreat with sessions in the morning, afternoon & evening (according to India time)

Exact session timings will be confirmed. 

Join online via zoom.

Gopi Bhāv Darpan 
8 - 10 December 2023
(3 days)

Join Live Online


Retreat to immerse in Gopi Bhāv - "the highest example of devotion and surrender to the Supreme Lord." With Parvathy Baul and female Baul Masters & practitioners.

The retreat allows us to sit with practitioners who live their lives in Gopi Bhāv, and for us to immerse in their light, their presence, their surrender and Love for the Divine.

Masters & practitioners whom we will be in satsang with: Parvathy BaulSumoti Maa, Sakhi Dasi, Maki Kazumi, Savitri Maa, Savitri Dasi, Mahamaya and more

"I hear from Sadhus:
the Way of the Gopis
is the fastest way to get to Krishna.
If Gopis are simple cowherd women and

Bhav is a state of oneness
with the Supreme consciousness,
How do such pastoral chicks

find the shelter at the lotus feet?"

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