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Baul Gyan Darpan 2017 CD

Baul Gyan Darpan 2017 CD

If you live in INDIA and want to purchase the Baul Gyan Darpan 2017 CD:

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Baul Gyan Darpan 2017 is the collection of songs sung by Masters in the Baul Gyan Darpan held in Kerala. This meeting inspired the Baul sadhaks to share the song and poetry and exchange Bhav through rhythm and sound. 


The uniqueness of this CD is that Bauls have blended poetry of different Masters and sung them in one song, in a way they interpreted and emphasized on what the other poem carried in its essence. 


Includes a booklet with English translations of the songs.


Track List


1. Guru Tumi Potit Pabon - Kanai Das Baul

2. Hridi Shorbore - Kanai Das Baul & Parvathy Baul

3. Bolo Roshona Hore Krishno Hore - Deb Das Baul

4. Manusho Rotono - Shyam Sundar Das Baul & Satyananda Das Baul

5. Jibon Nodi - Lakshman Das Baul & Parvathy Baul

6. Kali - Deb Das Baul & Parvathy Baul

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