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Charya Geeti CD

Charya Geeti CD

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Baul tradition has deep connections with the ancient Buddhist Sahajiya Path.

Parvathy Baul renders Charya pad, songs composed by Siddhacharyas of this ancient path.


Charya Geeti (Songs of the Traveler Beyond the Time) is a collection of poetry written by wandering Yogis of the Buddhist lineage during the 8th to 12th century, and they are considered to be the ‘mother’ compositions of today’s Baul songs.


Among the 50 poems that consist Charyageeti, in this CD are a selection of four songs, set to tune by Parvathy Baul.

The songs created in this CD are mostly from the works of Bouddha Siddhacharyas (Buddhist accomplished masters) of 10th century onwards. 


The metaphors and images used in Charyageeti still appear in transformed expressions in Baul songs today. As a practitioner of the BAul path today, it was important for Parvathy to go back and search for the traces from the past.



Track List:


1. Kaa Tarubara (The Tree Of Human Body)

2. Bhabh Nirvane (The Marriage Song)

3. Kaahe Re (The Dear - The Hunter)

4. Shuna Sampurna (The Nothingness - Being)

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