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Sahajia Double CD

Sahajia Double CD

If you live in India and want to purchase Sahajia Double CD, click here.


CD1 - Live Concerts, Alhambra, Greece

CD2 - Sahajia studio recordings


This audio CD offers listeners an experience of Sahajia Yoga through the songs composed by Lalon Fakir, Haure Goshai, and many other old and new Sahajia Baul poets. 

The songs unfold to us an experience of Longing and Aloneness, Ananda - pure joy of divine madness enfolded in sweet sadness of the Sadhaka. 

These songs awaken our sleeping selves and bring us into Sahajia, into ‘the present’, into the ‘here and now’. 


You will find full translations of these songs in the booklet included in this packet.



Track List



1. Take Me Across

2. Fallen In Love With The Golden One

3. The Secret Of Love

4.  My Beloved

5. Don't Dip Your Feet In The Water Of Love

6. The Golden Bird



1. Pare Loye Jao Amaye

2. Gour- Kolonkini

3. Apon Moner Baghe Khai Jare

4. Anondo Bazare Chol Re Mon

5. Nigur Prem

6. Bandhu

7. Joler Niche Pathu Pabi Na

8. Shonar Pakhi

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